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How can EFT help

We all carry old thoughts, patterns and memories that no longer serve us - and may in fact be creating physical symptoms.  EFT helps you release what no longer serves from your thought and energy pattern so you can live your best, most meaningfull life.

Who am I

I am a certified EFT practitioner and Reiki master, practicing with both private clients and in group settings. I'm also a Mom of two, wife of 25+ years and an executive in  Residential Property Management.  I'm here to listen, and reflect, to help you achieve your mind, body and spirit goals. 

What's Next

In my experience, you'll now have time or money conflicts to over-come.  Healing requires change and that scares our ego-mind. You already took a great step by clicking into the website.  Now take the next step towards becoming whole by contacting me.


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Questions Others Have Asked

Why not just use on-line videos?

You can find anything online!  Videos, follow along sessions, even scripts.  Many of these can be helpful to start.  However, most people find they need more.  Everyone self-protects.  We avoid those areas, memories, thoughts or topics that challenge us.  Often, those are the exact places we need to go for the best results.

Do we have to meet in person?

Definitely not!  We can choose to meet in person or we can work over the internet.  It's helpful for me to be able to see you and we can use technology to make that happen!  

Why should I work with you?

Right now, you don't know if you should or shouldn't.  Something resonated with you - my name, website, location.  That's a good start.  Next, we need to have a free consultation to ensure we're a good match.

What should I know about you?

First of all, I'm certified.  I've gone through rigorous training, exams, practical hours and personal interviews.  Second, I have a wide variety of experiences, including 30 years in the corporate world. Third, I've learned a lot from a huge family of 50 including sibs, in-laws and nieces and nephews.  Finally, I've been with my husband for 32 years, we've moved nine times to four states. 

How do you see your role?

I am a helper.   I help you see things with greater clarity, set goals and release blocks.  I listen without judgement and help you hear what you're saying and what you're not saying.   I  help you release what's draining vital energy from the important areas of your life.   Ultimately, I help you envision, and realize, your most meaning-full life.

What would my role be?

You commit to being honest with yourself and so with me.  You commit to doing the work you need, to be the person you were intended to be.  You agree to be gentle with your current self and your past selves, understanding you are learning and growing.

Natalie Sincevich, EFTP, REIKI

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Single session, 1 hour - $65

Three sessions - $180

Six sessions - $300 (save $90!)

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Meaningfull Life

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What Clients Have to Say


C. T. -

 I have to tell you, I feel really good.  I got 2 texts and a message sent out for those that I have been afraid to approach!!  I keep hearing my voice in my head, I am enough and capable!  Thank you! 

M. P. -

The physical issue I was having has completely resolved itself!  Thank you!

K. R. -

I feel lighter!

T. D. -

Okay that was amazing!  You just teased it out of me!  I feel so much better!

Important Note

EFT is not a replacement for medical care, physicians and health care providers should be used as needed.  The results above are not a guarantee and should not be interpreted as such. You as the client maintain control and responsibility for your own physical and emotional well being.